.JPG Productions project update

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.JPG Productions project update

Postby Stu Pidasso » November 29th, 2017, 7:06 pm

UPDATE TIME! First, I must apologize for not updating all of you in a while. I have been in communications on the status of the Medical Frigate to those who have pre-ordered and asked about the status, and I’m finally able to give an update to the public. I have been working hard on all of the projects, and as of today, all outstanding orders have been shipped, save those involving the Medical Frigate. I have nothing else on my plate other than the frigate, and here’s the status on that: I have received the final 3D re-printed part in the mail this past Monday. I did a bit of cleanup and detailing on it yesterday and today, and then it hits rubber tomorrow. Once that is cured, I can finally (FINALLY!) start casting and production. The first kit goes to Nicholas Sagan, who will do “build log” style instructions for it, because this is going to be a complex kit, with interlocking and stepping parts that need to be built in a certain order. I’m planning on color-coding all of the parts as well, like in my TIE Bomber instructions. While he is doing that, I will be casting kits, because once he is done with his build, he will send me the files. I’ll burn those to a CD-ROM along with all of the reference photos I can gather legally, and sending those out along with the kit, similar to what I did with the Rebel Blockade Runner. Will you get your kit before Christmas? Well, that depends on Nicholas, who I will not rush, because we need to get it right the first time, and how good the molds hold up. But for right now, I would say maybe a few will get theirs, most (if not all) will get theirs in January.

When I start casting, I will post pictures of the cast part next to the master part, like I usually do.

FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE USA: I contacted my local postmaster, and he advised against including the metal support tube in with the kit, due to its “suspicious shape” included with resin model parts in which customs officials are not familiar with, and might construe as suspect, and open/inspect packages, which will result in damages. I would rather NOT replace entire kits because of ignorant customs people. You are going to have to provide your own rod, which is ½” (12.7mm) outside diameter.

FOR CUSTOMERS WHO PLACED A 50% DEPOSIT: You now have your 30 day notice. When I contact you and tell you that I’m working on your kit, that’s when you can pay your balance. Do not send me any money until I contact you. If you can’t pay within 7 days of me contacting you, your order will be moved down the list and I will contact the next person in line, and you will have to wait longer.

If you have any questions that weren’t covered in this update, please ask! Thank you to everyone who is waiting patiently for this great kit, it’s finally starting to pay off!

Kits other than the Medical Frigate: I do have a back log of kit masters here, and I hesitate to tell you what's coming until I get the frigate out the door. But it is impressive. 1:12, 1:72, 1:350, 1:2256, 1:2700, and a few Egg shaped kits as well! I do have a limited stock ready to go now, please see the marketplace for that. Thanks all!
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Re: .JPG Productions project update

Postby dark kyp » December 4th, 2017, 6:52 pm

what are the next kits ? :)
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Re: .JPG Productions project update

Postby DocRaven » December 4th, 2017, 9:28 pm

dark kyp wrote:what are the next kits ? :)

world domination!
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