I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

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Re: I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

Postby Yoda Jammies » March 1st, 2016, 5:50 pm

While I loved the film, and I really like the T-70; I have to agree with everyone regarding the new TIE/fo. I do recommend the Art Of TFA book for a look at some great concept art. Hopefully the next films will have some kick ass ships.

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Re: I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

Postby Ramsayman » March 2nd, 2016, 2:34 am

nicholassagan wrote:I wish they wen't with that concept...There are definitely some *bits* of the new design that are interesting, like the slightly thicker braces on the inside wings but ONLY on the regular TIE, not the huge things on the Special Forces TIE.

Did anyone notice the ion engines are now vertically oriented???

I really think they phoned it in on the TIE designs here...like they just turned their heads sideways and signed off...

Yeah, what the heck with the Ion Engines! And the slightly thicker braces look tacked on to me. Ah, well, none of the above is enough to have me hate them. After all, I just finished building my Bandai kit - and will now get a Special Forces kit to boot! Still couldn't get myself to paint the wings white - so I went with a pearl over silver, and the black parts I painted Gun Metal.
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Re: I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

Postby Jason Abbadon » March 14th, 2016, 6:42 am

I loved the New/Old X-Wings but everything else was cringeworthy.

Well, okay, I liked the WWII-style troop transports.

Kylo Ren's shuttle is awful- mainly because A) it makes zero sense and B) it's ugly as a cat's butt.

Han's transport is just a CGI mess on screen- there's nothing there for the eye to lock onto- no obvious bridge or engines or anything- it's like a big metal hairball with a mouth to swallow the falcon.

Worst of all is Leia's doorstop of a ship- who thought that was a good idea? It's possibly the lamest ship in all of Star Wars and the cut-away book indicates it to be made from parts- particularly a modified B-Wing cockpit on one side- but with the canopy covered so the pilot needs to "see" through VR goggles.
Absolutely horrible.

As to the TIEs, it's obvious Abrams was banking more on ship recognition than anything else- not moving far from what everyone thinks of as uniquely "Star Wars"- just a few tweaks for the three main ships and some throwaway designs where absolutely required.

That TIE concept looks a LOT like the KOTOR fighter that Revan used- only with the wings pulled close to the man body.
http://www.pcgamesn.com/sites/default/f ... orfury.jpg

Looking at Kylo Ren, it's pretty obvious the designers were fans of the old game.
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Re: I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

Postby Kottlewski » March 14th, 2016, 11:47 am

Nice summary Jason, spot on, ship design is a weak point of E7... I would add the new SD to the short "good" ships list.

So what are we going to do about it?

I suggest we extend the third group build (or start a new one) and design some ships for E8 - 12 ;) , Rogue One, Han Solo's first ship etc. or fix "bad" designs.

I already started doing this, an almost done 1:2256 frigate bash from leftover parts from my Flurry (Revell HMS Sheffield hull), 1:350 Rogue One troop transport (the bigger Cardassian Galor Hull), 1:350 Corellian Heavy Bomber (1:2500 Cardassian Galor)
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Re: I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

Postby Kottlewski » March 14th, 2016, 1:10 pm

By the way, have a look at ILMs concept designs for E7:
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Re: I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

Postby dark kyp » November 19th, 2017, 2:36 pm

thanks for the link :shock: :)
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Re: I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

Postby BrandonKinney » October 10th, 2018, 11:05 pm

Ramsayman wrote:No, this is not a bash the new movie thread, so please don't make it so...

Anyway, about TIE Fighters. I thought the "wings" were supposed to be solar panels. Everything I know about solar panels is they are Black/Dark Blue to absorb solar energy. You can't paint over them, and white would be... well completely the most inefficient color ever for solar absorption. So what's with the reversed colors? Some of the TIE's in different shows/comics/whatever have had stuff painted on the panels. Isn't that kind of lessening their use as well?

I know it's done for the "coolness" factor, but part of me wishes it made more sense other than "different universe, different technology."


There are certainly some *bits* of the new outline that are intriguing, similar to the marginally thicker props within wings however ONLY on the general TIE
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Re: I love the new movie, but.... White wing TIE's?

Postby DocRaven » October 11th, 2018, 4:38 am

I think the idea that it should be solar panels ansich already wrong, because everyone who knows the studio models knows that the tie wings inside just have the structure of radiators. if you consider the fiery power then it would also fit more logical if it were really radiators, just to support the cooling of the armament.

It has been getting so much worse over the past few years and has sold us bad remakes as a real continuation and introduced a huge amount of mist designs.

Tie special force used only once to escape. for a curse that was awkward and stupid, especially if there were 1000 open landing boats one of them would have been smarter would have made the launch and crash more plausible.

why did the rear gunner have to fire from the flight? with his kannone to escape but then never fire again on the pursuers deep WTF?

then again TIE to use although it was much better felt 100 new better nicer versions, this is one of the 1000 fan service moments with the jackhammer so no one needed and not even great.
black ties with silver foil are especially great and still no shields .... NOT!

I just say mega useless and ugly 6 when in the same scene beautiful modified AT-AT stands around or death star cannons you have to draw tens of kilometers! have not learned anything from the clone wars SPHAAT ?? Here you would at least have the idea of ​​a mega caliber 6 protected credible bring in the just meherer mega 6 platforms together bundled rays on the gate firing but well, the whole movie was so ........

solo has a similar problem now again a new AT-ST because then you do not even really see and then if you see pictures of him you're glad if you can overlook him. I just remember the cool at-st scene from R1 wiso not something ?? and why again exactly 1 new tie of exactly 3 sec occurs,
why always this ugly design and plausibility garbage on devil come out
These are all dripping at so much the barrel now have to overflow because it pulls through everything like a red thread unfortunately not only in vehicles.

e7-9 are for me the worst that was ever broken under SW SW, however, were the Ewok tv movies even jewels

I miss the stamp of GL always had to absegnen all designs!
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