1/72 Revell ARC-170 WiP

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Re: 1/72 Revell ARC-170 WiP

Postby Solander » August 12th, 2017, 11:32 pm

Ukkista wrote:Hi Solander,
Wonderful craftsmanship and great hands!
Simply loving the cockpit and aged paintwork!
Bravo :)

Thanks a lot, Ukkista!

darth_daniel wrote:Nice work, the lighting is awesome. I built one of these back in 2005 but recently bought another one to 'do it right'. Actually I look forward to scratchbuilding the cockpit myself, but pictures of the aftermarket kit will serve as inspiration and reference.
I´m eager to see yours finished - maybe this pushes my kit further up in the build queue.
Are the wings glued in place?

Regarding the scale, it´s huge for a 1/72 SW fighter - put it next to an X- or Y-Wing and it looks strange. I just measured my old, not so nicely painted model and when comparing its dimensions to the wookiepedia numbers it´s 1/64 when calculating with the fuselage length without rear guns or 1/59 when calculating with wingspan.

Thank You!

Yeah, the scale is still a bit messy even with this aftermarket used. The droid I've utilized to fill the socket is exactly 1/72, but comparing with the shots from the movie it is to small in comparison to the width of the fuselage. So just like You said - it is somewhere around 1/65 or so...
Still have some plans for later using it along with some other 1/72 kits though. Guess it will do after all more or less.

The wings are moving. They are in open position in all of the previous shots because of my working sequence - I'm always painting it with the wings closed first and the with the wings opened (and always like that not toforget to open them) in order not to allow leaving any areas unpainted in any of the s-foils positions.

So here is a short new update:
- I've applied the decals and then sealed them with some Future
- and then I've hand-painted some of the wear over the hull

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Re: 1/72 Revell ARC-170 WiP

Postby Helix6187 » August 14th, 2017, 6:34 pm

That's a shiny baby !
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Re: 1/72 Revell ARC-170 WiP

Postby blakeh1 » August 16th, 2017, 2:08 am

Looking good
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