3d Print Data For Sale

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3d Print Data For Sale

Post by moonhugger » November 23rd, 2018, 2:44 pm

Any 3d Print interest here?
I have 3d data for my Tie Scimitar.
I would be interested in letting the .STL files go to a collective, min 5 people at £30 each.
I tried to shift it on Kickstarter but that failed.
If it went to a collective here, and generated a fair total, I wouldn't need to be concerned about someone deciding to kit it and sell resin or 3d printed models (that would be fine by me). I would give it away but it took a bit too much effort.

If anyone is interested in the CAD (native Solidworks or export file like .iges or .step), I am open to offer. Would be a good base to do extra detailing and so on, cut out the windows or add internal features.

The model was designed at 1/72 scale (it might be a bit under) and based on Wookiepedia blueprint grab.
See WIP notes
All parts have been test printed, the model data is split at flat sides for easy print and support free set up.

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