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Cosmos Decals Inventory Clean Out!

Posted: March 1st, 2019, 5:51 pm
by nicholassagan
HEY EVERYONE!! Special KOTF deal! $5 a set!! FREE shipping!! Here's what I have in stock, pretty much all ship specific are for Bandai.

1/14000 Star Destroyer
1/1000 Blockade Runner Red
1/1000 Blockade Runner Blue
1/1000 Blockade Runner Green
1/1000 Blockade Runner Rebels V1
1/144 Millennium Falcon
1/144 X-Wing Phoenix Group
1/144 X-Wing Red Group
1/144 X-Wing Blue Group
1/144 X-Wing Green Group
1/144 X-Wing Pink Group
1/144 X-Wing Black Group
1/144 X-Wing Turquoise Group
1/144 X-Wing T-70
1/144 X-Wing McQuarrie Concept Style for T-65
1/144 A-Wing Hera's
1/144 U-Wing Blue Group
1/144 U-Wing Red Group
1/144 U-Wing Black Group
1/144 U-Wing Green Group
1/144 U-Wing Orange Group
1/144 Y-Wing Gold Group
1/144 Y-Wing Blue Group
1/144 Y-Wing Red Group
1/144 Y-Wing Black Group
1/72 Millennium Falcon
1/72 X-Wing Phoenix Group
1/72 X-Wing Red Group
1/72 X-Wing Blue Group
1/72 X-Wing Green Group
1/72 X-Wing Pink Group
1/72 X-Wing Black Group
1/72 X-Wing Turquoise Group
1/72 X-Wing McQuarrie Concept Style for T-65
1/72 X-Wing McQuarrie Concept
1/72 X-Wing T-70 Red Group
1/72 X-Wing T-70 Blue Group
1/72 X-Wing T-70 Green Group
1/72 X-Wing T-70 Orange Group
1/72 A-Wing Hera's Group
1/72 Y-Wing Blue Group
1/72 Y-Wing Red Group
1/72 Y-Wing Black Group
1/48 X-Wing Phoenix Group
1/48 X-Wing Red Group
1/48 X-Wing Blue Group
1/48 X-Wing Green Group
1/48 X-Wing Pink Group
1/48 X-Wing Black Group
1/43 Millennium Falcon (DeAg)
1/24 X-Wing Red Leader
1/24 X-Wing Blue Leader
1/24 X-Wing McQuarrie
1/24 Y-Wing Gold 1
1/24 Y-Wing Gold 2
1/24 Y-Wing Gold 3
1/24 Y-Wing Gold 5
1/24 Y-Wing Red Jammer
Medium scale Splinter Scheme
Large scale Splinter Scheme
Mandalorian Markings
Scum and Villainy Markings
Other genre's

1/1000 USS Defiant
1/144 Rocinante (The Expanse)
1/144 Tachi (The Expanse)

Re: Cosmos Decals Inventory Clean Out!

Posted: March 7th, 2019, 12:02 am
by blakeh1
Do any of those sets have the Old Republic marking

I need a pair for the Revell Gunship. Maybe between a quarter to a half inch diameter give or take a bit


Re: Cosmos Decals Inventory Clean Out!

Posted: March 7th, 2019, 9:34 pm
by DocRaven
that will be a nice idea republic decals,markings and nose arts

Re: Cosmos Decals Inventory Clean Out!

Posted: September 30th, 2019, 11:09 am
by Rob998
Hi, I’m a new recruit and found this place while searching for decals for the Rocinante from The Expanse. I have a couple of 1/144 3D printed Rocis and want to paint one up as the MCRN Tachi and one as the Rocinante.

Are your decal sets for these still available?

BTW I’m in the UK so would be happy to pay postage.