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Re: Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle.

Posted: February 8th, 2016, 8:33 am
by Jason Abbadon
Very nice execution on the panel effect!
As to showcasing black paint details, I've seen people use very dark greys and the same mix with a hint of blue or even yellow to warm or cool the tone slightly for contrast.
I saw an incredible SR-71 done that way- and it still looked "black"- just a nice scale effect.
I bet you could hit some panel lines with pastel black/grey dust to slightly highlight them.

You're not kidding about the photography- that seems like a hurdle. Maybe soft white bulbs on all four sides?
I think the wings will cast shadows no matter what though.

Looking at your pics, I'm suprised at how great it looks in primer with the wings off.
Man, I hate the wings- they serve no purpose as far as I can tell- though somone at SSM speculated that they might be shield generators- and extending them allows escort craft to get in the bubble (but we've never seen a bubble effect for anything in SW except Gungan and Geonosian tech- and it was visible).

I bet this kit would make an amazing base for a custom freighter- maybe add cargo pods at the sides or even Lambda shuttle wings that fold down- as a sorta step between the two designs.