Bandai Star Destroyer w lights

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Bandai Star Destroyer w lights

Post by duck » February 12th, 2019, 5:51 pm

Announced over the weekend, this summer Bandai will release a 1/5000 Star Destroyer with lights.

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Re: Bandai Star Destroyer w lights

Post by blakeh1 » February 12th, 2019, 7:36 pm

Would have preferred something closer to the Zvedza size, but at the very least, this is a vast improvement over the MPC and is pretty close in size to it

I for one, am kind of happy to not have to drill and run all that fiber for a change, nor will I feel compelled to add tons of detailing just to make it look passable and even then, still have the wrong proportions for things
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Re: Bandai Star Destroyer w lights

Post by Del » February 13th, 2019, 2:59 am

I've seen people posting angry rants, but most folks are excited. Yet no one is talking about the kitbashing potential for a kit this size to fit in with almost any other scale kit that's already on the market. I think it's perfect for that even if you don't want to build it at the marketed scale. I think I'll get one to make a Victory-class to go with my old-school AMT kit.
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Re: Bandai Star Destroyer w lights

Post by DocRaven » February 13th, 2019, 7:20 pm

my first reaction why another SD ??
second reaction are the holes for the lighting not too big?
Third reaction the engine lighting is wrong!

I'm not really enthusiastic or convinced
I've already said it elsewhere where I think it's extremely sad and unnecessary.

we now have 5x the SD in 4 sizes of 3 manufacturers Why?

We now have 2 of Bandai once in min and now in 1/5000! ! !
3 x revell, one in small one with light and sound 1/5000 - 1/4000
The purchased Zwesda model
and of course Zvesda Self Depicts Her Model

is the SW universe only from the same 4-5 models ?? x-wing, hawk, SD, Tie's
why bandai now again with an SD offer and then even the very type II
why not fill the gap and the R1 Devestator guy would have been something
with the premium model one took also the E 4 flaken and no E5 + version

wiso times not even something else the 1/1000 Tantive again as a premium in evtl 1/350 suitable for falcon eg.
or sometimes a Nebulon B or Moncal ships

Maybe more models for your 1:72 series
we would be with at-st in 1:72 they can do it in 1: 144 and in 1:48
or even the tank of R1 in 1:72 single or as a double pack
or how about something crazy 1:72 Snowspeeder single or double packs!
the basics are all there already.
Why did it Zb The U-wing Never in 1:72 given (unfortunately) but the Ugly Tie Butterfly / Striker already and that 100% just because it is a Tie Sad! And the 1:72 U-wing kit would not have been much bigger or more elaborate than the R1 Tie

her 1:48 line is already dead for years because it would be great to use the Know How and material to ongoing series where needed is also to complete.

and I have to say the SD in the video does not look like the Burner in detail and he has to be measured against the others

Of the Disney SW themes giebts also less and less models what I think also says a lot...

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