Cosmos Decals Inventory Clean Out!

This is the Place where the GK´s can offer their kits.
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Cosmos Decals Inventory Clean Out!

Post by nicholassagan » March 1st, 2019, 5:51 pm

HEY EVERYONE!! Special KOTF deal! $5 a set!! FREE shipping!! Here's what I have in stock, pretty much all ship specific are for Bandai.

1/14000 Star Destroyer
1/1000 Blockade Runner Red
1/1000 Blockade Runner Blue
1/1000 Blockade Runner Green
1/1000 Blockade Runner Rebels V1
1/144 Millennium Falcon
1/144 X-Wing Phoenix Group
1/144 X-Wing Red Group
1/144 X-Wing Blue Group
1/144 X-Wing Green Group
1/144 X-Wing Pink Group
1/144 X-Wing Black Group
1/144 X-Wing Turquoise Group
1/144 X-Wing T-70
1/144 X-Wing McQuarrie Concept Style for T-65
1/144 A-Wing Hera's
1/144 U-Wing Blue Group
1/144 U-Wing Red Group
1/144 U-Wing Black Group
1/144 U-Wing Green Group
1/144 U-Wing Orange Group
1/144 Y-Wing Gold Group
1/144 Y-Wing Blue Group
1/144 Y-Wing Red Group
1/144 Y-Wing Black Group
1/72 Millennium Falcon
1/72 X-Wing Phoenix Group
1/72 X-Wing Red Group
1/72 X-Wing Blue Group
1/72 X-Wing Green Group
1/72 X-Wing Pink Group
1/72 X-Wing Black Group
1/72 X-Wing Turquoise Group
1/72 X-Wing McQuarrie Concept Style for T-65
1/72 X-Wing McQuarrie Concept
1/72 X-Wing T-70 Red Group
1/72 X-Wing T-70 Blue Group
1/72 X-Wing T-70 Green Group
1/72 X-Wing T-70 Orange Group
1/72 A-Wing Hera's Group
1/72 Y-Wing Blue Group
1/72 Y-Wing Red Group
1/72 Y-Wing Black Group
1/48 X-Wing Phoenix Group
1/48 X-Wing Red Group
1/48 X-Wing Blue Group
1/48 X-Wing Green Group
1/48 X-Wing Pink Group
1/48 X-Wing Black Group
1/43 Millennium Falcon (DeAg)
1/24 X-Wing Red Leader
1/24 X-Wing Blue Leader
1/24 X-Wing McQuarrie
1/24 Y-Wing Gold 1
1/24 Y-Wing Gold 2
1/24 Y-Wing Gold 3
1/24 Y-Wing Gold 5
1/24 Y-Wing Red Jammer
Medium scale Splinter Scheme
Large scale Splinter Scheme
Mandalorian Markings
Scum and Villainy Markings
Other genre's

1/1000 USS Defiant
1/144 Rocinante (The Expanse)
1/144 Tachi (The Expanse)

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Re: Cosmos Decals Inventory Clean Out!

Post by blakeh1 » March 7th, 2019, 12:02 am

Do any of those sets have the Old Republic marking

I need a pair for the Revell Gunship. Maybe between a quarter to a half inch diameter give or take a bit

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Re: Cosmos Decals Inventory Clean Out!

Post by DocRaven » March 7th, 2019, 9:34 pm

that will be a nice idea republic decals,markings and nose arts

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