New TROS or Mandalorian Kits?

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New TROS or Mandalorian Kits?

Post by airdave » November 14th, 2019, 10:56 pm

I know that Bandai is doing a few, but I swear I saw pics from Revell at one of the shows of a black box with Episode IX on it teasing upcoming kits. I know they are snap and play with sound fx but they can be fun.

We haven't seen much from the movie, but there is the TIE Dagger and I've heard of a TIE variant with the Sith fleet.

And someone has to do a kit of the Razorcrest from The Mandalorian. I love that ship!!

Surely they're not waiting until after the film's release to even announce anything. :?
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Re: New TROS or Mandalorian Kits?

Post by blakeh1 » November 19th, 2019, 8:25 pm

God help us, but Revell may be our only hope.

I know they had the whole bankruptcy fallout of hobbyco and restructuring. I'd be happy if they did do a new kit, but I wonder if that also could simply be a reboxed Bandai kit for European sales

Sadly I don't see much more coming from Bandai unless the film does really well in Japan and the Japanese modelers really show a demand for the kits. From what I understand, Japanese audiences have not exactly embraced the sequels

I would love to see 1/72 kits of the new ships from them, but I am not holding my breath

We never saw any kits like a Tie Silencer or those speeders or even a larger First Order AT-AT from The Last Jedi. We only saw repops like those for Rise of Skywalker

I think its clear their plan is put out what they can to fulfuill any obligations the license might have for the new movies with as little cost so they may continue with the selling stuff from the original trilogy and possibly getting out some more subjects like a Tie Bomber and Imperial Shuttle maybe?

Also, from what I understand, Disney + and therefore the Mandalorian is not even currently available in Japan and apparently has no set roll-out date through the end 2020 so Bandai does not technically have any incentive to do any kits from it and may not even have a legal right to do so

Of course this is all bull crap in today's global economy and people in other countries are going to get their hands on it if they want it. It just shows how antiquated Disney is with licensing/copyright.
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